Virtual Scribe Companies

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Virtual medical scribes remotely access the electronic health record and watch/listen to patient encounters through an audio/video device. This can be done in real time or after the physician sees the patient. There are technology and regulatory challenges when providing scribing remotely and these companies specialize in providing scribe services virtually. There are also benefits to utilizing virtual scribe companies. For example, some providers may prefer virtual scribes because having another person in the exam room can make patients feel uncomfortable or crowded. Virtual scribe companies are also recommended for practices in remote or rural areas. The following scribe companies provide virtual scribing services.

Aquity Solutions

Aquity Solutions was founded on February 1, 2019, as a dedicated outsourced clinical documentation labor service. However, Aquity’s legacy traces back to 1984 with the formation of MedQuist as a consolidation of small regional transcription labor services in the Northeast US. Currently, the company employs more than 7,000 clinical documentation production staff throughout the U.S., India, the U.K., Canada, and Australia. The virtual scribe company provides virtual scribing, medical coding, interim management, and medical transcription services. Within their virtual scribe services, they offer real-time virtual scribes (ScribeLink) and virtual scribes for recorded encounters (ScribeAssist). ScribeLink scribes can perform basic pre-chart review, review discrete/non-discrete input such as pharmacy and lab orders between patients, and encounter documentation is typically ready for review and sign-off prior to seeing the next patient. ScribeAssist scribes allow physicians to further supplement EHR input instructions between patient visits and encounter documentation is typically ready for review and sign-off at the end of the shift or the next day. For more information, you can call (800)-233-3030 or visit


Athreon is a transcription and dictation outsourcing company for businesses across multiple industries, with 25+ years of experience in the industry. Their goal is to help organizations streamline their information management through their transcription services and technology developments. Within their transcription services, they offer virtual medical scribes for recorded encounters. Scribes document asynchronously and charts are typically ready for review within 1-2 business days. To learn more, you can call (800)-935-0973, email, or visit


Augmedix provides both real-time and asynchronous virtual medical documentation and transcription services. Their HIPAA-compliant encrypted service allows for 2-way communication during real-time scribing, ensuring accuracy and satisfaction. Augmedix assistants receive extensive training in medical terminology, documentation practices, and EHR workflow. They serve over 45 specialties and assistants complete specialty-specific certification. Service is available for any setting including pop-up clinics, telemedicine, home visits, medical offices, emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, hospitals, and inpatient/outpatient surgery. You can contact an Augmedix representative at (888)-669-4885,, or

Augustus International Enterprises (AIE) Medical Management

AIE Medical Management’s mission is to solve administrative, billing, and support problems for medical professionals. As a part of this mission, they offer real-time virtual medical scribing services through a HIPAA-compliant app which is compatible with any device. They train and certify scribes for every specialty and subspecialty. Scribes can work with any EHR system and will quickly adapt and adjust to your unique workflow. AIE guarantees well-organized and accurate documentation and a worry-free experience. To contact a specialist, please call (240)-334-7778 or visit

Chase Clinical Documentation

This company was founded over 30 years ago and specializes in medical coding, medical transcription, and medical scribing. They provide real-time virtual scribes trained in up-to-date technology that is customizable to your business processes. The scribes listen to your patient encounters through a communication device and enter relevant information directly into your EHR. All charts will be completed and ready for review and sign-off at the end of the day; your scribe will still be with you during this process to make any changes you request. If you choose to use this service, a specialist may visit your practice to assess needs, preferences, and potential challenges to ensure a seamless transition to their service. For more information, please call (330)-650-1755, email, or visit

Clear Choice Transcription

Clear Choice Transcription has 15 years of professional transcription experience in medical, legal, insurance, and police departments. Scribes are trained in all of the most popular EHR software. They aim to serve physicians by meeting the goals of EHR systems without forcing new technologies and processes on providers. Physicians can dictate their notes as usual and scribes will complete the charting directly into the EHR system. For a free quote, you can call (877)-788-2501, email, or visit


This is a company based in South India but serving physicians all over the US. They offer an array of services including medical transcription, billing, and scribing. Their virtual scribes work with physicians through a single-tap HIPAA-compliant application which allows scribes to listen to encounters and document them in real time. Completed charts will be ready for review, editing, and sign-off at the end of each shift. CrescereMed is dedicated to serving physicians any time, even while they are on-call. You can get more information by calling (845)-363-6575, emailing, or visiting


MedBillingStar started in 1999 as an Accounting and Taxation company for physicians, which provided insight into the challenges doctors face at work. They have now grown to offer many more services including medical coding, medical billing, and virtual medical scribing. Their experienced Certified Clinical Documentation Specialists and Certified Professional Medical Coders are able to capture every required criteria for accurate and complete documentation. MedBillingStar serves several specialties including urgent care, family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, orthopedics, and surgical specialties. For a no-obligation 1-week trial, call (909)-348-7255, email, or visit

Physician Angels

Physician Angels was founded in 2007 by Dr. Afser Shariff, a board-certified Otolaryngologist. The company focuses on EHR data management services to healthcare providers through a real-time virtual scribe service. Virtual scribes are mainly based in India but they do have a few scribes located in the US. Physicians Angels virtual scribes provide scribe services for group practices, emergency departments, and have special training tailored for specialties such as cardiology, ENT, OB/GYN, orthopedics, pediatrics, psychiatry, and cardiology. With scribes trained in 20 different EMR systems, their services are equipped to work with whichever system the providers are comfortable using. For more information, you can call (419)-318-4471, email, or visit


ScribeEMR is a company that provides real-time remote medical scribing and coding solutions. One of the newer virtual scribe cmpanies, ScribeEMR started operations in February of 2017 and their virtual scribes are mainly located in India. The company asserts their clients do not require additional technology investment or implementation because they use the provider’s existing EHR and communication devices such as a built-in computer or laptop microphone. The scribe can connect to the EHR system through a remote desktop connection, while a HIPAA compliant, encrypted telemedicine application manages the audio connection. To learn more, please call (781)-787-2095, email, or visit

Skywriter MD

Founded by Tracy Rue, Skywriter MD is a company that provides real-time virtual medical scribe services. The company is “dedicated to help physicians increase the amount of time they spend with patients while decreasing their electronic health record (EHR) burden”. Their goal is to revolutionize the medical scribe service by removing the “invasive and obstructive presence” of live scribes and replacing them with virtual medical scribes. Skywriter MD hires their scribes specifically from pre-medical, pre-nursing, and pre-PA/NP programs, so motivation and excellent work ethic are guaranteed. Scribes also provide pre-visit planning clinical support and pre-charting support for the most efficient service possible. To get started with a free demo, you can call (855)-372-7423, email, or visit


This is an asynchronous medical scribe service that allows doctors to be in charge of their documentation without the tedious work of putting it into the EHR. Physicians can simply dictate their thoughts into SmartMD’s iPhone application, take photographs of any visible symptoms, scan medication lists into the app, and write any notes on a worksheet available in the app. These notes are sent to remote scribes who will organize the information and input it into the appropriate fields of your EHR. Charts will be ready for review and sign-off within 24 hours. There are no startup fees, no minimums, and the service works with any EHR system. For a 30-day free trial, call (855)-762-7863, email, or visit

The Remote Scribe Company

This company was founded in 2019 by Dr. Jennifer Bacani McKenney and Daniel Cox as a way to prevent physician burnout by assisting doctors in devoting more of their energy to attending to their patients rather than managing documentation. They offer scribes for primary care, family practice, and pediatric specialties. The Remote Scribe Company offers real-time virtual scribe services through a tablet installed software. Doctors who register for the service will receive an iPad with pre-installed software to make the transition to working with their remote scribes as easy as possible. For more information, you can call (844)-259-5080, email, or visit

Virtual Health Services

This is a CTI leadership company founded in 2019 in partnership with Cameo India serving medical practices across the US. Physicians working with this company can connect to a remote scribe via a secure VoIP before they start seeing patients. During encounters, the virtual assistant listens to and documents the physician/patient interaction in real time. After the encounter, the physician can review the chart, dictate any additional information, and sign off. Assistants can work with whichever EHR you are comfortable with. Virtual Health Services also provides consultative services to help optimize your practice and workflow. To sample their service with a free trial, you can call (813)-333-1401, email, or visit

Virtual Physician Scribes

VP Scribes was founded “by a Doctor, for Doctors” to help alleviate the stresses of a busy practice. They offer Live Scribing, Data-Scribing, and Dicta-Scribing. Live Scribes listen to encounters and chart them in real time. These charts are typically complete and ready for review 1-4 minutes after each encounter. Data-Scribes are recommended for physicians who prefer to use paper charts. Data-Scribes will take the information from your paper charts and appropriately translate them into your EHR with a turnaround time of 12-24 hours. Dicta-Scribes input information from physician dictations into the EHR within 12 hours. VP Scribes is based in California and Texas but serves providers across the US. To learn more, please call (833)-872-7423, email, or visit