Medical Scribe Courses

Online medical scribe courses that provide thorough preparation for medical scribing. We offer education and certification in general scribing and specialties like Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care.


Medical Scribe Courses

General Medical Scribe Course Cost

General Medical Scribe Course

  • General scribe education for a variety of settings
  • General Medical scribe certification
Pediatric Medicine Scribe Course

Pediatric Medicine Scribe Course

  • Lessons that cover pediatric & adult medicine
  • Pediatric Medicine scribe certification
OBGYN Scribe Course

OB/GYN Medical Scribe Course

  • Specialized lessons for the OB/GYN setting
  • OB/GYN medical scribe certification
Emergency Medicine Medical Scribe Course

Emergency Medicine Scribe Course

  • Specialized lessons for the emergency department
  • Emergency Medicine scribe certification
Family Medicine Medical Scribe Course

Family Medicine Scribe Course

  • Specialized lessons related to primary care
  • Family Medicine scribe certification
Urgent Care Medical Scribe Course

Urgent Care Scribe Course

  • Lessons focused on the urgent care setting
  • Urgent Care scribe certification

Dermatology Scribe Course

  • Specialized lessons for dermatology
  • Dermatology scribe certification

Orthopedic Scribe Course

  • Specialized lessons related to orthopedics
  • Orthopedic scribe certification

Urology Scribe Course

  • Lessons focused on urology
  • Urology medical scribe certification
Cardiology Scribing Courses

Cardiology Scribe Course

  • Specialized lessons for cardiology
  • Cardiology scribe certification

Medical Scribe Courses Overview

100% Online

All courses can be completed from a computer, laptop or smartphone. All materials are included

learn at your own pace

Videos, quizzes and clinical practice scenarios help test your knowledge. You can start at any time

Medical scribe certification

Become a certified scribe to demonstrate your scribing knowledge to employers or schools


Learn how to behave in difficult and sensitive clinical situations prior to your first day on the job

Comprehensive Program

Our General and specialty courses are packaged together for well-rounded learning

Practice in Real-time

Listen to physician-patient encounters and practice scribing, then review with a scribe trainer

Scribe Certification

A certificate is awarded for each course completed, including the General Medical Scribe course. Become a certified scribe in one or more specialties with our course bundles. Each of our certificates comes with a unique identification number. You can provide this information to future employers or graduate schools and they can contact us to verify the authenticity of the certificate and your completion of the courses. This certificate is good for all states.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question below please send us a message.

You will have 6 months from the date of purchase to complete all courses. Some people finish within several days. Others take much more time and complete the course(s) while studying for school or working.

All of our medical scribe courses are completely online and can be taken on a computer, laptop or smartphone. Instruction is provided through videos along with quizzes and additional study materials. You can take the course according to your schedule from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Outpatient Clinic Masterclass is our most comprehensive scribing program. After purchasing this package, you are automatically enrolled in the General course and three specialty courses – Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Urgent Care. You’ll get lots of real-time scribing practice with specialized lessons and clinical scenarios. Upon completion, you will receive four course certificates! 

Anyone can take the course and there isn’t an application process. To register and begin the course, click one of the “Buy Now” buttons on this page. After you register and pay for the course, you can begin the course and work at your own pace. The course is 100% online.

No, there are no additional fees. You pay for the course one time and take the final exam after completing the lessons and quizzes. After passing the final exam, you will be awarded your certificate without any additional fees.

All of our specialty scribe courses (e.g. Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Urgent Care, OB/GYN) are packaged with our General Medical Scribe course. The General course provides a foundation of medical scribing and the specialty courses build off of this knowledge. For example, when purchasing the General + Emergency Medicine package, you are automatically enrolled in both courses. You will take the General course first and then the Emergency Medicine course. Upon completion, you will receive two course certificates.

Three course packages are available for medical specialties where there is significant overlap. For example, you will see similar types of conditions in the emergency room and urgent care clinic. In some cases, patients will be sent to the ER after being seen at urgent care. By bundling the Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care courses, you will receive instruction on common ER situations and non-life-threatening clinical situations you are likely to see in the ER and urgent care clinic.

Depending on the scribe course you purchase, you may have the option of adding extra clinical practice scenarios to supplement your learning. These example cases are a great resource to help you perfect your medical chart documentation skills and learn more about how different types of doctors visits are conducted.

Alternatively, the most scribing practice and best preparation comes from our Outpatient Clinic Masterclass.