There are several ways to partner with Medical Scribes Training Institute. Below are some of the ways we can work together. If you don’t see your partnership idea please be sure to contact us.

Partnership Opportunities

Interested in Partnering with Us?

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pre-med club partnership

Pre-Health Clubs

Medical scribing is a great way for undergraduate students to discover if a medical career is a good fit for them. Clinical documentation is a big part of medicine and our courses provide an outstanding introduction to scribing and healthcare.

By helping to enroll your fellow club members into our courses you will earn money. Plus a group discount is applied so that your friends will pay less.

Even if you don’t belong to a club you can still benefit from partnership pricing. If you and a group of classmates want to take the courses together we will reward you for organizing the group and they will get discount pricing. We require at least 5 students to qualify for group pricing.

To get started send us a message using our Contact Us form. Be sure to describe your club and let us know when you want to get started.

Hospital Clinic Training Partner

Hospital & Clinic Training

Many hospitals, clinics, and healthcare networks have benefited from Medical Scribes Training Institute’s courses. Often an education manager or clinic director facilitates scribe training within their organization. We make scribe training easy by integrating our courses with your billing and training processes.

We are familiar with several learning management system software packages and can help to integrate our courses into your training methods. Alternatively, we can deliver online scribe training and provide a dashboard so you can monitor your employee’s progress.

scribe business partnership

Business and Website Owners

Partnering with us will bring value to your customers and increase revenue to your business.

Examples of website and business owners we work with include:

  • Test preparation companies
  • Academic consulting companies
  • Bloggers who write about healthcare and medical careers
  • Continuing medical education publishers

Pooja Patel

“I’m responsible for hiring and training scribes for our OB/GYN clinics. After taking this course, scribes are much better prepared to begin working with our providers. They understand the terminology and we find the practice scenarios are very relevant.”

Employers & Recruiters

Our students come from across the United States, Canada and beyond. They are eager to begin working as a scribe. These are motivated students who have started their training by completing at least one of our online courses.

Some students prefer remote work while many more want in-person medical scribe experience.

Organizations we have helped with hiring include:

  • A multi-hospital healthcare network in New York
  • Multiple departments at an academic medical center
  • A remote medical scribing company
  • A private practice dermatology clinic
  • A multi-location OB/GYN practice
  • A large multi-state urgent care company

These are just a few examples. Let us know your requirements and we will do our best to match our students to your location(s) and needs.

social media partner

Social Media Influencers

Sharing the benefits of our courses is an easy way to monetize your social network.

Examples of social media influencers we partner with include:

  • A pre-med student’s Youtube channel
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Facebook Group
  • Healthcare focused LinkedIn Group
  • Urgent care association across multiple social channels
  • A physician who vlogs about medical school, residency and life as a provider

academic partnership

Academic Institutions

Scribe training and clinical documentation are taught at many academic levels. Community colleges, technical schools, national universities and healthcare graduate programs (e.g. medical schools, physician assistant programs and nursing programs) all benefit from our course content.

Our courses are developed by physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical scribe trainers. Connect with us to see how we can integrate this knowledge into your course offerings.