Emergency Medicine Scribe Course

Specialized lessons that discuss common symptoms, diagnoses, treatment options and procedures that you will encounter and document while working in the emergency department.

Emergency Medicine Scribe Course Overview

100% Online

This online course can be completed from a computer, laptop or smartphone. All materials are included

learn at your own pace

Videos, quizzes and clinical practice scenarios help test your knowledge. You can start at any time

Medical scribe certification

Become a certified Emergency Medicine scribe to demonstrate your scribing knowledge to employers or schools


Learn how to behave in difficult and intense ER situations prior to your first day on the job

Comprehensive Program

Our General and Emergency Medicine courses are bundled together for extensive training

Practice in Real-time

Listen to physician-patient encounters and practice scribing, then review with a scribe trainer

Emergency Medicine Scribe Course Description

This emergency medicine scribe course will prepare you to work as a medical scribe in the fast-paced emergency department. Former ER scribes teach what you need to know to be a successful emergency medicine scribe. After completing this course, you will know what is expected of you before your first day on the job. Video lessons are followed by quizzes to reinforce your learning.

This in-depth course covers emergency department specific topics including:

  • Professionalism in the emergency room
  • Common conditions and treatments
  • Terminology and abbreviations
  • Testing and procedures
  • Medications
  • Practice clinical scenarios

Watch the video below to learn more!

How will this course help me succeed?

Knowing what it takes to be a medical scribe and how to function in the clinical environment can prepare you to discuss these topics and more in career and professional school interviews. Our training courses will help you build a solid foundation of knowledge in medical terminology, professionalism as a medical scribe and proper medical chart documentation.

How do I know if I’ll be good at scribing?

Scribing takes practice! Each lesson includes quiz questions and vocabulary terms to support your learning. Every course also features clinical practice scenarios, where you will listen to a doctor visit and fill out a medical chart in real-time. Then review with a scribe trainer.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals interested in becoming an emergency medicine scribe.
  • Employers who wish to streamline their training process.
  • Existing medical professionals (e.g. medical assistants) who will add scribing to their duties.

Course Packages and Masterclass

Two course package: The Emergency Medicine course is designed to build off of the General Medical Scribe course, so these two courses are packaged together. With this bundle, you will receive two complete courses and two certificates for one low enrollment fee!

Three course package: Our Urgent Care course is added to the two course package to prepare you to work in a variety of outpatient clinical settings.

Masterclass: The Emergency Medicine course is also included in the Outpatient Clinic Masterclass. This features the General Medical Scribe Course and three specialty courses – Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Urgent Care – so you can learn how patients are evaluated and treated from start to finish in different clinical settings. You’ll get more hours of video instruction and additional practice scenarios. Upon completion, you’ll receive four certificates! Plus help finding a job.

Help with Your Job Search

Students enrolled in our Outpatient Clinic Masterclass receive job search assistance. We have partnerships with large healthcare organizations, clinics, and companies looking to hire medical scribes for remote and in-person positions. These job opportunities span a wide range of specialties and clinical environments – emergency medicine, family medicine, urgent care, OB/GYN, and more!

Hiring managers look forward to receiving applications from our top students. Students taking these courses build a solid foundation in medical scribe terminology and practice that puts them ahead of other applicants. The Outpatient Masterclass Package will make you an exceptional candidate for scribe positions across a variety of specialties!

Emergency Medicine Scribe Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Emergency Department Setting
  • Lesson 2: Emergency Department Team
  • Lesson 3: Emergency Department Workplace Stress
  • Lesson 4: Emergency Department Scribe Role
  • Lesson 5: Emergency Department Patient Flow

  • Lesson 1: Emergency Medicine Terminology
  • Lesson 2: Emergency Medicine Abbreviations
  • Lesson 1: EM Musculoskeletal Conditions
  • Lesson 2: EM Respiratory Conditions
  • Lesson 3: EM Cardiovascular Conditions
  • Lesson 4: EM Neurological Conditions
  • Lesson 5: EM Psychiatric Conditions
  • Lesson 6: EM Endocrine Conditions
  • Lesson 7: EM Gastrointestinal Conditions
  • Lesson 8: EM Urinary Conditions
  • Lesson 9: EM Reproductive System Conditions
  • Lesson 10: EM Lymphatic System Conditions
  • Lesson 11: EM Autoimmune Conditions
  • Lesson 12: EM Skin Conditions

  • Lesson 1: EKG Testing
  • Lesson 2: Emergency Medicine Procedures
  • Scenario 1: Mechanical fall*
  • Scenario 2: Flank pain*
  • Scenario 3: Chest pain*

*Students practice scribing in real time with pre-recorded physician-patient encounters. Then, step-by-step review teaches students how to complete a medical chart.

  • Lesson 1: Emergency Medicine Scribe Certification Exam
  • Lesson 2: Emergency Medicine Scribe Certificate

Medical Scribe Course Review


“Taking this course is one the best decisions I’ve made. I’m applying to medical school and want to show I have clinical experience. As I was looking for scribe positions I came across this website and decided to take the course. Thanks to this course, I was well prepared for my interviews and recently started as an ER scribe.”

Emergency Medicine Scribe Certification

A certificate is awarded for each course completed. You will be awarded a General Medicine Scribe certificate and an Emergency Medicine Scribe certificate.

Each of our certificates comes with a unique identification number. You can provide this certificate to future employers or graduate schools and they can contact us to verify the authenticity of the certificate and your completion of the courses. The certificate is good for all states.

Course Contributors

Devon Pace, MD

Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Pace functioned as a medical scribe for two years in the emergency medicine and primary care settings. He completed his Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Dr. Pace is currently a general surgery resident and pediatric surgery research fellow.

Maria Lopez, MD

Dr. Lopez worked more than two years as an emergency department virtual scribe for a large medical staffing company where she advanced to medical scribe supervisor and trainer. Building on this experience she then worked for one of the largest medical scribe companies as chief of telescribes, where she successfully trained medical scribes on electronic health record systems such as Meditech, MedHost and Cerner. Dr. Lopez’s experience provides broad insight on best practices and effective teaching strategies when delivering medical scribe services and training online.

Bryce Mooney, PhD

Dr. Mooney is managing director at Medical Scribes Training Institute. He has made a career of combining healthcare, technology and marketing. Recently, he served as chief technology officer for the largest online medical 3D printing community. He has performed market research for some of the largest pharma and medical device companies and worked at Accenture, Microsoft and Ancestry.com in various technology roles.

Britt Picuri, MS

Britt has a master’s degree in biomedical sciences and about 2 years of experience as a medical scribe in various settings, including the emergency department and urgent care clinics. She has experience working with both adult and pediatric populations. Her time as a medical scribe prepared her to take on additional roles in healthcare including work as a clinical research coordinator, medical writer, and pharmaceutical chemist. These experiences have given her a unique perspective on how to effectively integrate the fundamental knowledge of both pathophysiology and medical documentation to prepare students for their position as a medical scribe. 


Emergency Medicine Scribe Course Options

Emergency Medicine + General Scribe Courses

2 Course Package

Emergency Medicine Medical Scribe Courses Pricing

Package Includes:

  • General Scribe Course
  • Emergency Medicine Scribe Course
  • General & Emergency Medicine practice scenarios
  • Video lessons with quizzes
  • Two scribe certificates
  • 6 months of course access

Save 50%: $1199


Emergency Medicine + Urgent Care + General

3 Course Package

Emergency Medicine Urgent Care General Scribe Courses Pricing

Package Includes:

  • General Scribe Course
  • Emergency Medicine Scribe Course
  • Urgent Care Scribe Course
  • General, Emergency Medicine & Urgent Care practice scenarios
  • Three scribe certificates
  • 6 months of course access

Save 50%: $1399


Outpatient Clinic Masterclass

4 Course Package

Outpatient Clinic Masterclass

Package Includes:

  • Job Search Assistance
  • General Scribe Course
  • Emergency Medicine Scribe Course
  • Urgent Care Scribe Course
  • Family Medicine Scribe Course
  • 10 practice scenarios
  • Four scribe certificates
  • 6 months of course access

Save 50%: $1599


Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question below please send us a message.

When purchasing the General + Emergency Medicine package you are automatically enrolled in both courses. You will take the General course first and then the Emergency Medicine course. Upon completion, you will receive two course certificates.

There is a lot of overlap between the emergency room and urgent care clinic in terms of the type of conditions you will see. In addition to ER knowledge, this package provides instruction on non-life threatening clinical situations you are likely to see in the ER.

When purchasing the Masterclass, you are automatically enrolled in the General course and three specialty courses – Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Urgent Care. You’ll get lots of real-time scribing practice with specialized lessons and clinical scenarios. Upon completion, you will receive four course certificates! 

You will have 6 months from the date of purchase to complete the courses. Some people finish the courses within several days. Others take much more time and complete the course while studying for school or working.

All of our medical scribe courses are completely online and can be taken on a computer, laptop or smartphone. Instruction is provided through videos along with quizzes and additional study materials. You can take the course according to your schedule from anywhere with an internet connection.

Anyone can take the course and there isn’t an application process. To register and begin the course, click one of the “Buy Now” buttons on this page. After you register and pay for the course, you can begin the course and work at your own pace. The course is 100% online.

No, there are no additional fees. You pay for the course one time and take the final exam after completing the lessons and quizzes. After passing the final exam, you will be awarded your certificate without any additional fees.