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Medical Scribes are Good for Healthcare

  • Providing benefits to doctors and patients
  • Career and clinical experience opportunities

Become a Healthcare Scribe

Find the easiest path to becoming a scribe and the best opportunity for your situation!

What does a medical scribe do

What Does a Medical Scribe Do in an ER or Clinic?

Learn what scribes do from someone who has worked as a professional scribe in a hospital and clinic.

5 reasons to shadow a doctor

5 Reasons a Scribe Job is Better Than Shadowing a Doctor

Reason number one: You get paid when working as a medical scribe but not when shadowing a doctor.

medical assistants make good scribes

Why Do Medical Assistants Make Good Medical Scribes?

Medical assistants have familiarity with healthcare making them ideal clinical scribes.

medical scribe training books

Medical Scribe Training

A variety of training programs are available from self-directed book study to company sponsored training.

  • On-the-job training
  • Books and manuals
  • Online courses
  • Community college programs

Medical Scribe Jobs

Many different roles are available ranging from entry level scribe positions to supervising and training others.

medical scribe salary info by city

Medical Scribe Salary Information

Learn what the different scribe positions pay based upon location and company.

medical transcriptionist jobs

Transcriptionist VS Medical Scribe Jobs

Discover the differences between a healthcare scribe and a medical transcriptionist.

pre med jobs

Medical Scribe: One of the Best Pre Med Job

Discover why clinical scribing is one of the best jobs for pre medical students.

virtual medical scribe home

My Story: ER Scribe to ViRtual Medical Scribe

Learn how I went from an ER scribe at a hospital to a virtual scribe working from my home.

Medical Scribes Benefit Physicians

Clinical scribes result in improved efficiency, more revenue, greater job satisfaction and improved doctor-patient relationships

medical scribe program implementation decisions

Key Decisions When Hiring Scribes

Program implementation

Hiring healthcare scribes come with many challenges and decisions. This guide will help.

rvus efficiency physician productivity

Greater Efficiency & More Revenue

Improved Metrics

Learn how clinical scribes lead to increases in RVUs, efficiency, revenue and job satisfaction.

doctor patient relationship satisfaction

Better Doctor Patient Relationship

Happier Patients

Doctors spend more time with patients and less time filling out electronic medical records.