Medical Scribe Companies

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The development of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems has improved the maintenance of patient data and communication between providers. However, it has also significantly contributed to physician burnout and increased the time spent documenting between patient encounters. Medical scribe companies have become a popular solution to this problem.

Scribe companies provide medical scribes who assist physicians and other healthcare providers by doing the charting for them. They are trained to listen to patient encounters and accurately document relevant information into the EHR; providers can simply review and sign the chart when they find a moment to do so. This allows providers to see more patients and enjoy more time outside of work as well.

Medical scribing not only benefits physicians but also provides a great opportunity for pre-med students to experience what’s like to be a physician. The medical scribe documents the patient-physician interaction in real time gaining clinical hours that can help with healthcare graduate school (physician assistant, nursing and medical school) applications. Scribing can also be a great way to begin a career in healthcare with scribing positions leading to more senior level healthcare positions. 

There are 3 main categories of scribe services: virtual or remote scribing, on-site scribing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted scribing. Listed below are companies that offer onsite and virtual medical scribe services, grouped by type of service and arranged alphabetically. Additional articles focus on only virtual medical scribes companies, AI scribe companies and recently acquired scribes companies.

These resources are meant to help job seekers find employment and help clinicians find clinical scribes. Many scribe companies serve hospitals and clinics across many states. While, virtual scribe companies allow their employees to work from home. Therefore, it’s very likely that you can find a medical scribe company to fit your needs.

Virtual and On-Site Medical Scribe Companies

There are several companies that offer both virtual and on-site scribing, which allows medical practices to choose whichever method works best for them. Employees at these scribing companies may have the option to switch from on-site employment to working from home virtually. These companies are often the industry leaders providing services nationwide.

Clinical Scribes LLC

Clinical Scribes LLC was founded in 2007 by an emergency department physician who grew tired of the extensive documentation. He recruited college students to help and trained them himself, eventually growing to become a trusted scribe company serving the states of Minnesota and Colorado, taking pride in their service-driven staff and personalized management. They offer both on-site scribing and real-time telescribing for rural clinics or those with limited space. Their customized 5-10 day scribe training is tailored to each provider’s specific needs and preferences. To try working with a scribe for one day free of charge followed by a 90-day no-obligation trial, call (762)-200-1413 or visit

Helix Scribe Solutions

Helix Scribe Solutions is a scribe company founded in 2014 to reduce the negative impacts of EHR systems on provider efficiency. Helix on-site scribes and real-time remote scribes serve clinical settings in the state of Michigan. On-site scribes are recommended for clinical settings requiring a large number of shifts covered while remote scribes are recommended for settings where only intermittent or limited coverage is needed. Currently, on-site scribes work at Spectrum Health and Bronson Emergency Departments in West Michigan and remote scribes serve at other Michigan locations. Scribes are trained for several outpatient specialties including general surgery, primary care, cardiovascular, oncology, orthopedics, etc. For more information, please call (616)-426-3659, email, or visit


Founded in 2010 by Dr. Tim Taylor, ProScribe is a medical scribe company with the mission to “support healthcare providers by allowing them to put their focus back on their patients and improve their productivity by accelerating the speed and quality of EHR documentation” (ProScribe, 2020). The US-based company provides on-site (live scribes) and virtual (Scribe on the Go – “SoGo”) medical scribe services. Their virtual scribes provide real-time EHR documentation of the encounter through a HIPAA compliant telehealth application. The company boasts tailored scribe programs for every specialty, consistent 99.8% shift coverage, a rapid implementation timeline, a seamless transition process, and data driven solutions. To get started with ProScribe, call (888)-404-8471 or visit


ScribeAmerica was established by Dr. Michael Murphy and Dr. Luis Moreno in 2004 and has remained the largest medical scribe company in the United States for over 15 years, serving over 3000 partners in all 50 states. The company designs, hires, trains, and manages medical scribe programs to fit their customers’ needs. They offer on-site scribe and virtual scribe (telescribe audio and video) services for emergency departments, hospitalists, urgent care, outpatient clinics and post-acute facilities. ScribeAmerica scribes receive extensive classroom and clinical specialty-specific training, using their first-of-its-kind medical scribe textbook. The company guarantees improved accuracy and quality of documentation, resulting in a better healthcare experience for both patients and providers. To get in touch, please call (877)-488-5479, email, or visit


Scribekick was founded by Ann Cameron Barr and Bradley Barr, the son and daughter of a doctor burdened by increasing documentation requirements. As a medical scribe company, Scribekick implements both on-site and virtual medical scribe programs and continues to manage these services for doctors, hospitals, EDs, and clinics. Their virtual scribes provide real-time documentation via a HIPAA­-compliant cross-platform (tablet, smartphone, and PC) video-conferencing app. Virtual scribes are also generally more flexible, working when you need them, and accessible for physicians who practice in rural areas. Scribes are recruited, hired, trained, paid, and managed by Scribekick, offering a turnkey solution for physicians. Fully trained scribes are ready to start working upon request and there are always scribes on-call to cover sicknesses and vacations. For a complimentary consultation, you can call (800)-456-1077, email, or visit


As a scribe company founded by physicians for physicians, Scribe.ology offers both on-site and real-time virtual scribing to providers in the US. These scribes are specially trained to go beyond documentation and positively many aspects of healthcare such as patient coordination, revenue cycle, and compliance protocols. The Scribe.ology team will work with their clients to customize workflow, tailor their service to the client’s needs, and maximize the return on their investment. Services are available for emergency medicine, outpatient practices, urgent care, hospital medicine, and surgical specialties, working with any EHR system. Specialties served include oncology, cardiology, OB/Gyn, orthopedics, and more. For a complimentary consultation, please call (877)-561-9404, email, or visit


In 2013, two providers met and agreed that doctors did not go to school to type notes and decided to start a hospital scribe company to reduce the burden of documentation. They also developed their own HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform called ScribeBridge. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Scribe-X serves medical facilities across the country. Providers can choose between on-site scribing services, virtual services, or a hybrid format. The hybrid model offers maximized coverage, selection, and ongoing training support. Scribe-X scribes are typically either current pre-health students or students taking a gap year before continuing to pursue further education or a career in healthcare. Scribe-X services are customizable to any specialty and EHR system. Presently, their scribes are employed across 27 specialties and 10 EHR systems. To learn more about what Scribe-X can offer you, please call (503)-914-5857, email, or visit

On-site Clinical Scribe Companies

On-site clinical scribing in many ways is best for providers and scribes. On-site scribes are physically present in the clinic and stay with the physician during their shift, witnessing encounters in person and charting as they go. Many physicians prefer on-site because they can more easily pick up on visual or other nonverbal cues during the patient encounter. On-site scribes are often recommended for practices that need a large number of shifts covered.

Job seekers looking for their first scribing job will benefit from an on-site scribe position. On-site scribes learn how an ER or medical office works as they witness firsthand how healthcare is delivered. Plus on-site settings allow new scribes to absorb more knowledge at a quicker pace compared to a virtual environment. In formal conversations can easily take place when the scribe is in-person. The following companies provide on-site scribing services:

Aceso Scribe

This company was founded in 2010 with the basic goal of making providers’ lives easier. Named after the Greek goddess of healing, Aceso Scribe aims to heal charts while providers focus on healing patients. They hold contracts with medical schools across the country which allows medical students to work as scribes with Aceso during their off-rotations, so good motivation, knowledge, and professionalism can be expected from Aceso scribes. Services are provided for emergency medicine, outpatient care, and hospital medicine. For more information, please call (833)-223-7666, email, or visit

American Scribe

This is a New Jersey-based medical scribe company that provides on-site medical scribing services in the Northeastern US. Scribes are recruited and certified by American Scribe, and they also manage scribe scheduling and payroll, so physicians can focus their efforts on their patients. Their scribes are either pre-medical students or post-baccalaureate with a pre-medical degree, so motivation, familiarity with the field, and professionalism can be expected. American Scribe provides services for emergency departments, outpatient practices, and hospitalist groups. For more information, you can call (866)-255-8903 or visit

CarePoint Health

This is a physician owned and operated multispecialty group with over 500 providers. They employ providers, scribes, and staff to best support clinical teams and patients across the US. Their internally developed scribe program with paid training ensures quality scribes to the practices they serve. Scribes who work with CarePoint Health are expected to commit to 3 shifts per week for one year and are often pre-health students with a unique motivation and dedication. For more information, you can call (303)-436-2727 or visit

Envision Physician Services

This company established the use of clinical information managers (CIMs) and medical scribes more than 20 years ago. They serve emergency departments and inpatient hospital settings across the country. Scribes who work for Envision Physician Services have opportunities to work for some of the most well-known medical facilities in the US. They offer their scribes flexibility with no non-compete agreements or contracts, competitive hourly rates, paid training, and extra pay for overnight shifts. To speak with a representative, please call (877)-692-4665, email, or visit

Precision Scribes

Precision Scribes was founded in 2012 to help reduce physician burnout and improve documentation quality for providers all over the US. They offer a range of service packages including scribe hiring/training programs to help practices maintain their own scribes, EHR education/set-up and EHR customization to introduce practices to the modern and efficient systems, and a full scribe program which provides Precision Scribe teams to medical practices. They accommodate a variety of specialties including emergency medicine, urgent care, internal and family medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, women’s health, and aesthetic medicine. For more information, you can call (877)-778-8537, email, or visit


ScribeConnect has served emergency departments, urgent care centers, hospitals, and outpatient clinics across the US for over 30 years. Scribes employed by ScribeConnect receive 65-80 hours of intensive training with a focus on the future of medicine. Their scribes will not only provide quick and accurate EHR documentation, but will also assist with communication between staff and other clerical duties as needed. ScribeConnect also offers a Scribe Training Program which helps practices train and maintain their own scribes. To learn more, call (855)-968-6372, email, or visit


Founded by a pediatric emergency department physician who recognized a need for better documentation efficiency, Scrivas serves emergency departments, urgent care centers, in-patient hospitalist groups, and other medical practices across the state of Florida. They utilize a rigorous selection and training process to ensure your needs are met. The scribe management team monitors each scribe’s documentation and proficiency with intermittent live, in-person audits. They also use a real-time customizable analytics dashboard which allows their quality team to monitor the performance of their scribes while they are on-site. To contact a Scrivas representative, you can call (888)-362-4614, email, or visit

SuperScribe LLC

Founded in May 2010 to bring the benefits of medical scribes to the Atlanta, GA area, SuperScribe provides scribing services to emergency rooms and other clinical settings across the Metro Atlanta and the Greater Atlanta areas. SuperScribes boasts an in-depth hiring process and a rigorous training program to ensure quality scribes. SuperScribe will take the time to establish your needs and review your day-to-day internal processes to select a dedicated team to meet your unique needs. Consultative services are also available for practices looking to maintain their own scribe program. To learn more, you can call (770)-545-8815, email, or visit