er scribe careers


Two main opportunities:

  • Medical scribe jobs
  • Corporate careers

Medical Scribe Careers

As a scribe you will work one-on-one with medical providers while gaining exposure to the medical field. Clinical scribing positions are great for pre medical and pre nursing students who want to learn how to work with patients and healthcare personnel. Students gain clinical experience and learn if medicine is the right career for them. Unlike doctor shadowing, scribes are paid while they gain first hand knowledge of healthcare.

Some entry level scribes stay with the position for no more than two years and then start graduate school. Other people find the work very rewarding and advance to training or supervisory scribe positions. Advancing into corporate management positions at one of the large scribe companies is another career path.

Benefits of a medical scribe career includes:

  • Help your chances of getting accepted to medical school or nursing school by getting forming relationship with doctors who can write letters of recommendation
  • Learn medical terminology through real-world experience
  • Apply knowledge gained in undergraduate pre-med courses to healthcare
  • Learn what it’s like to provide patient care as you work one-on-one with doctors
  • Gain exposure to many different medical specialties as you scribe for different doctors
  • Contribute to a team of healthcare professionals making the experience better for the patients and physicians

Corporate Careers

Like any company, medical scribe companies require people in a variety of roles including human resources, accounting, sales, marketing operations, business development and training. Medical scribes transition from clinical scribing to a corporate career. They manage and provide new hire scribe training at the company headquarters. Another common career path is for medical scribes to manage the implementation or start up of new scribe programs at hospitals and clinics. Corporate careers include benefits such paid medical, dental, vision insurance, paid time off and 401K matching.