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About Us

Medical Scribes Training Institute specializes in training.

Medical Scribes Training Institute (MSTI) supports the medical scribe industry in many ways.

Qualified Applicants

Our qualified applicant program allows scribe companies to receive applications from MTSI students after they have completed the course, passed the final exam and earned their certificate. Scribe companies find this is a great way to receive applications from motivated and educated people looking for scribe positions. Our students come from all over the United States and are eager to start in-person or virtual medical scribe positions. If you are a hiring manager or responsible for recruitment please contact us to learn how we can help fill your scribe job openings.

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Medical Scribes Training Institute provides advertising opportunities for medical scribe companies. We have many physicians, practice managers and clinic directors looking for medical scribe staffing services. Advertising on medicalscribes.org is a great way to reach these people and secure more sales.

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Medical Scribe Training Services

Medical Scribes Training Institute specializes in training people to become excellent scribes. Our expertise in website management, online course creation and medical scribing offer a compelling reason to have us manage and deliver your scribe training. We offer cost savings and a great online training experience. This service is customized to match the needs of each scribe company.

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Our medical scribe training serves students, physicians and medical scribe companies.

Students or current healthcare personnel looking for scribe experience include:

  • Students looking to attend medical school or other graduate program who want to show clinical experience on their application.
  • People looking to begin their healthcare career with a medical scribe position find our online course is a great way to gain the knowledge needed to land a scribe job. Career tracks are available to people who would rather advance within the medical industry than attend school.
  • Personnel currently in healthcare benefit from our medical scribe course including certified nursing assistants and medical assistants. Medical scribing is a way to advance or move laterally in healthcare.

Training for Physicians and Practice Managers

MSTI provides custom training specifically suited to meet the needs of almost any clinical situation. This is perfect for physicians or practice managers looking to train existing or newly hired personnel how to scribe. Please contact us for more information about our custom training options. Below are some resources to get you thinking about how to bring medical scribes into your practice.

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As a doctor or administrator, have you ever asked yourself: